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RockSolid DBA Out-Task

RockSolid DBA Out-Task is a 24x7, Fixed Price, Managed SQL Server DBA Support SLA.

This is suitable for customers without any onsite DBAs or with limited onsite resources.

Under this SLA will we will manage all normal database operations for a fixed monthly fee and also provide you with an escalation path for SQL Server project work if required.

This is a proven support model, the team at RockSolid SQL have been providing SQL Server DBA support under SLA for 10 years so you know you are in safe hands.

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Our services are all inclusive. Everything we would expect a SQL Server DBA to manage on a day to day basis is include as part of our fixed price fee.

DBA Out Task
Other Providers
Pricing Model Fixed Price Variable T&M
SLA Response Time 10 mins 1 hour
24x7 Included Extra $$
Performance Monitoring Included Extra $$
Security Monitoring Included Extra $$
Capacity Management Included Extra $$
Clustering Included Extra $$
Log Shipping Included Extra $$
Mirroring Included Extra $$
Replication Included Extra $$
RockSolid Web Access Included Not Included

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DBA Out Task

24 x 7 SQL Server Monitoring

24 x 7 Monitoring & Response

24x7 monitoring of SQL Server configuration, security, performance, stability, recoverability and availability

24x7 analysis and resolution of critical SQL Server database errors, performance issues and disk space issues

SQL Server Backup Management

Recovery Management

Daily full database backups and periodic transaction log backups, monitoring for successful completion, and resolution of backup-related issues

Management of archived backup files

Restoration of production SQL Server databases on demand & quarterly test restores of production backups

SQL Server Performance Management

Performance Management

Automatic management of CPU resources and database level I/O management

Database statistics management

SQL Server Maintenance


Planning, scheduling and monitoring of database re-indexing

Planning, scheduling and monitoring of database validation & consistency checking

On demand SQL Server shutdown and restart for planned outages

Creation of new databases and logins; deployment of customer scripts

Notification of SQL Server service packs and critical security patches

Visibility & Control

Visibility & Control

Even when we are managing your SQL Server environment we make sure you don’t lose visibility or control. We create logins to our RockSolid portal all your technical staff, here they can see 100% of open requests, work in progress updates, change controls and environmental data. In addition you have access to run your own reports, subscribe to events and manage the priorities of open requests.

Fixed price SQL Server Support SLA

Fixed Price

Our support SLAs are fixed price. This means there will not ever be any additional charges for providing the services defined in the SLA. Included in the fixed price SLA are all the normal operational activates you would expect a DBA to perform to keep a production SQL Server system operational, optimized, recoverable and secure.

For non SLA projects, we have the optional purchase of pre-paid hours available. Purchasing hours in advance allows for costs to be reduced and also assists in managing your budgets and turnaround times.

SQL Server projects

Small Projects

Our RockSolid DBA Out-Task service caters for most routine operational activities. Other ad hoc SQL Server support assistance, general technical advice or queries, or small database projects can also be performed by our team as required.

Small projects are often performed by our Support Services Team. We consider a small project as planned work of 5 days or less..

RockSolid DBA Out-Task Info RockSolid DBA Live SLA Stats

We Support SQL Server

We support all versions of SQL Server:

We support all editions of SQL Server:

  SQL Server Express Edition, SQL Server Personal Edition, SQL Server Standard Edition, SQL Server Enterprise Edition, SQL Server Data Center Edition


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